A Sadistic Butterfly

In a field of brilliant turquoise porcelain which was decorated with blossoms and gothic butterflies i have found inspiration in the delicacy and freedom, I ve found some of my real serenity, i have always had a fascination for butterflies. they are the most exquisite creatures alive, I loved the way they flight over my Pain fields like a feather and their habit of sipping nectar from my bitter-sweet flowers, I loved their bright colors and their delicate nature .

It s’a damn sin to put a butterfly in a jar,whatever the reason. Most humans have a soft spot in their hearts for them. Her eyes are an exotic blend of nature and humanity with their interesting defensive mechanism, if you re searching for a romantic illusion that s’truly out of the ordinary, look no further than butterfly, so magical,so beautiful, exotic, hypnotic. All of these words can be used to describe a butterfly cuz her eyes gives you even more creative expression, I m not sure if you ve seen one before?

The butterfly is a symbol of a Sadistic rebirth and happiness that reflect some tranquillity, protection, peace,patience,and healing .The butterfly served to remind me of how beautiful, delicate and fragile life can be, so that we should remember to appreciate and be grateful for each moment.she s’as a representation of joy, happiness and transformation, is the only one that I have used at several times to be my privacy. She s’a perfect symbol for describing an image that is mild and gentle. Butterflies are one of nature s’most romantic creatures and if nothing ever changed, there d’be no butterflies.