Asia, pure sensation (eng)

Pure sensation, my love of nation, you are
The shadow of my heart, my source of creation
Give me your queen s’hand. Let s’walk on the golden sand
For a moment of joy, for giving love to your coming boy
Where I can seek it? From where I can sofetly bind it?

Welcome to my kingdom, full of love and wisdom
Let me hear your voice, Asia give me the last choise
The sunrise from the horizon, it shines again in our
lovely season.
My lines are eternal to engrave your name beyond
the oriental.
Pourring honey on your heart, you are my sunny day

Asia, Asia, Asia once again to the glory, the seaside
the source of my pride.
It isn t a vision; Neither a dream, our mission begins from
the stream.

N.B: these are my own lines. I dedicate this modest poem to my pure sensation.