Kaffy, my horse of the past !

Foal, gift from my parents,
I called him « Kaffy » or « Sufficient ».
The teenager that I was at this moment
Made him a soothing companion.

Kaffy! What elegance in the field *!
His neighing of a thoroughbred horse
Upset me deeply. It sounds
Like the echo of the cry of a child.

In the fantasia, with the elegant harness,
The pleasure of riding this horse of the past
Was spreading like a current
Through the soul, body and blood.

The thrill nagging me for a long time,
I would have liked to go back in time
To see Kaffy again, still alive
And caress him like a child!

* of races (racetrack), of « Tbourida » (allying a collective movement of the « Serba » (10 to 20 aligned horses) called « Harka » to the firing of the powder with rifles in a synchronous way), of fair and vision (beauty contest).

Moussa Ettalibi, Dr Sci., Rabat the 17 th october 2011

Reviewed by Dr M. Bakkoury

Moussa Ettalibi, Dr Sci.