Missing you

You should have stay and Watch me grow without you i fell a hole
In my heart it s’getting bigger my tears are like a river

The sunshine means nothing if i am far away
The sunrise is a dream that i fell with you
The stars upon the sky you are my sun
Please dont leave and go away

I remember when i asked them about
you what the word bad means
How your heart could just let me go ???
i thought i am someone special

Tell me what life worth without you tell me
how much time did you cry for me ?
Everynight i am crying and crying tears for you my lover
A touch a look a kiss that s’it

All i want is to be here day after day
i feel something for you just tell me what is it
Feeling fre as a bird flying upon the sky
Feeling light as a feather soft and sweet touching you

Feeling blessed to know you love you
I am shy but dont blame me i love you
i loved you and will always love you
till the end of the time 4ever my love !!!!!!!!!!!!!