Rabat celebrates the earth day

city of the Sultan! Read again your story!
Your name was inspired by the victory!
Celebrate, in this month, the the earth day!
Your message will be global from today!

earth formely covered with dwarfish palm tree!
Wake up, the horses are in street!
earth of the common and the saint!
Honor to you, you welcomed them with enjoyment

gate of the victory! Let be the forerunner
Of a serene and wise atmosphere
Where the noble occupations in the custom
Would have cajoled the ethnic groups of the bank.

In Rabat, everything simmers and is divided:
” Houses, mosques in the magnificent zellige,
The souk of carpets and products of breeding,
The oven, the hammam and all the inheritance. ”

To any visitors, deft and curious,
Rabat, doors largely opened,
Struts about of districts in the name of plants
Charming and fascinating, liking the sun.

Agdal is proud of its trial garden,
Oudaya, Chellah, of their haven of peace
The mausoleum, the tower ( Hassan) of their dominant mount,
Ryiad and Souissi of their luxuriant green.

Atlantic Ocean seems to tighten the yoke at the river
Which each of both banks drinks.
Bouregreg, become the target,
Invite Rabat and Salé to embellish.

Yachts entering the marina
Crown the pawn to the boats of nonchalance.
Birds go towards the forest, Mamora
Where can crackle the powder of the fantasia.

The inhabitants come from diverse horizons,
But loans of an exemplary faith,
Learnt to make the time in the wilderness
Without damaging others, without being sectarian.

Its green spaces smelling of the happiness, Rabat,
In accordance with the best of the orchestra,
Call, under cheers, in the debate
To save the quality of life on earth.

M. Ettalibi, Dr Sci.