Romantic Illusion

Is love just another word that has useless meaning? A word full of lies and trash? An empty meaningless word that does not hold truth nor loyalty. It that what love is? Or is love something great?Something two people share? Sharing that does not involve words. Words that can heal the scars of the heart.Words that can make you happy?

Love is a deep and intense sorrow, a distress is caused when something happens suddenly and was tragically unexpected deep into the darkness of our soul, is just a dream for fools who cannot make it. Love is simply used to manipulate and twist and bend people to other s’sick desires. Their sick desires to hurt others and make then bow to the master of the game like a puppet controlled and used, tossed and burned, and their anthem is ” Love is just another word for PAIN and… Pain is just a slower form of suicide”

For others love is so typical, is never lost and we can tune into that special love forever into the future, they say that there is a very big picture we are not able to see at the moment and that whatever happens no matter how tragic there is a reason. Sometimes many lessons are not learnt until much later but we do learn. It is hard to believe that behind every tragedy there is purpose but there is a higher authority that governs everything. We must release our sorrow and grief and cover the; by love so that we can continue our journey. Don t rush, let go so that we can move forward freely et their anthem is “the love that was shared will never be lost “.

If we have just experienced suffering then we do understand what we are going through. It is very hard to understand the reason and no matter how hard we try to understand it is best to deal and manage with the outcome. There are lessons to be learnt but we should not put pressure on ourselves to find or understand them now; it is time my friend of misery to find your inner strength and not to try to punish others. Do not bottle up your grief and sadness let your feelings flow through serenity… It is ok to say It is not fair or Why but remember my friend of misery YOUR VOICE IS YOUR RAGE .