Soul Bleed

We all suffer from frustration, and being able to effectively deal with frustration is a very important skill to develop. It can be a decisive factor between success and failure. Everyone deserves to have the ability to lay their head on a pillow at night and drift off to sleep so faraway from pain.

But, for so many, this isn t what happens. Be it the events of the day, the pressures that surround you or some other residing factor.

Frustration has many forms and varying degrees to it but no matter what degree or form it takes, it is not a positive emotion and all that is due to :

– depression
– anxiety, irritability, or anger
– numbness, or exhaustion
– Continuous self-criticism
– Negligence or hatred of caregiving responsibilities
– Trouble in relationships

the depression often gets represented everything in our life; the band we listen to, the books we read, the movies we like and sometimes the music can get us through.

so whatever drama, respite, agony, angst, frustration et remorse are going on in our life, we always find that weird place inside us where we see ourselves as the cleanest, tallest, strongest, wisest person that we can be.

Frankly all we need is serenity et let it leads us to our real path, my be our pain will be over et end up like we had none and may be not. but we need to leave behind us all our misery et find peace somewhere.