Flirt With Suicide

Well, here we are, anonymous all right,and that feeling cost us too much as like as we hadn t been part of the scene. everybody knew that we re all hounding somewhere beyond happiness et sadness for so long and we ached along with the struggle of this life every day.

While in some contexts suicide seems a legitimate,sometimes heroic or even romantic choice, in real life it is condemned and those who either commit or attempt suicide are perceived as either weak or cowards who flee rather than to face their problems. However this is a largely Western attitude.

Suicide is a Manipulative action to keep others from changing their styles of interacting with you a Sign of the severede pression et repressed anger that you are experiencing. Suicide is a only Mask to hide behind to scare people away from getting too close or attached to you, a Desire to have
others treating you, the way you have been treated in the past with distance and coldness. A way to test other people s’loyalty, sincerity, interest, caring, love, and concern for you,a way by which you exercise control over others.

I think now,we fought ourselves because the enemy was in us,we should teach to others what we know, and to try with what s’left of our lives to find a goodness and a meaning to this life It s’all gravy, everyday the rest of your life, gravy, It s’the way the whole thing works, people like those who attempt suicide get wasted but suicide itsn t a solution rather than big
mistake neither toward ourselves nor our religion because we have to take a dogmatic correct and rememebr that we can start up again,be something we can be proud of, without having to fake it, be a Good human being.